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Get Information on Property Fires that Happened Past 30 Days

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Fire Damaged Property owners have some of the highest motivation to take action because they just had fire.

5-6 figure deals are very common in fire damaged properties

If you’re a

  • real estate investor
  • public adjuster
  • fire/water damage restoration service provider

this is the perfect solution for finding fire damaged property owners who MUST, not want, to take action.

  • MOTIVATED homeowners: Property owners who decided to fix their house often
    • decide  to sell because of unsatisfactory results or from frustration of dealing with contractors / insurance company
    • often have unforeseen / unfixed problems, such as mold / fungus from excessive fire department water, etc.
  • ENDLESS source of motivated owners: 360k property fires hapepen in US every year
  • HIGH $ amount deals: Average fire damage is $12-15k in most cities, as high as $250k in coastal areas
  • RECESSION proof: fires happens CONSISTENTLY regardless of economic or real estate market conditions

Houses / apartments / condos damaged by fire can often be acquired for deep discount, with multiple exit strategies:

  • Referral fee from multiple parties involved in fire restoration
    • Fire restoration companies
    • Water damage / removal  & drying companies (from all that water from fire trucks)
    • Mold remediation companies (water = mold)
    • Smoke & soot clearing companies
    • Clean & sanitizing companies
    • GC / rebuild & restoration  companies
  • Buy & flip
  • Buy & rent
  • Re-assignment of contract / wholesale


What you get

  • our rep will email you  PAST property fire notifications based on region – including date / address or intersection / text description of what was spoken
  • NO need for expensive CB radio, pager, or special 911 responder equipment
  • NO need for understanding 911 responder jargon or lingo

NOTE: Make sure to check to see that we have good fire coverage in the county of your choice by checking the fire stats page.





Aged Fire Leads Credit

Are you a:

  • fire / water  damage restoration specialist
  • real estate investor?
  • public adjuster / insurance claims adjuster
  • home service provider (like mold mediation, kitchen remodeling, solar installer)
  • anyone looking for motivated homeowners who are looking for MAJOR changes to their house

Fire damaged property owners are super responsive. Because they just had fire. By law, they are required to act to get their insurance check (which can be tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars).

They have 2-3 weeks at MAX to decided what they’re gonna do with the insurance money. Take the money and fix.. or forget it, and move onto another property because they can’t live in fire damaged homes with all that damage, especially smoke damage b/c of EPA issues. You talk about motivated.. this is the perfect time.

There are niche real estate investors who only target fire damaged properties because the owner is super motivated and the discounts can be pretty deep.


In the old days, if you wanted to target fire damaged properties, you had to do one of three

1) network with firemen, HOPING that they’ll tell you
2) listen to CB radios 24×7… OR pay someone $10/hr (or more) to listen for you which can cost thousands. (And that’s IF you can understand what they’re saying with that static-y radio noise and their professional jargon and codes)
3) literally chase fire trucks is a tech company. We use latest big data / AI technology to aggregate data directly from emergency responders, network of reporters, and sometimes directly from CB radios (the AI bots listen 24×7).


Huge Business Opportunity

1.  It’s a HUGE market

According to National Fire Prevention Association,

  • U.S. fire departments respond to an average of one home fire every 88 seconds.
  • Between 2012 and 2016, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 355,400 home structure fires per year. These fires caused $6.5 billion in direct damage.
  • Cooking (21%) and heating equipment (19%) were each involved in one in every five home-fire deaths.

That’s just DIRECT damage. In fact, ancillary dollar amount associated with emergency restoration is approximated to be $210 BILLION dollars.

This is one reason why HomeVestors, the LARGEST real estate investment franchise company in US and also known as “We Buy Ugly Houses” billboard company,  targets fire damaged properties:


2. Fixing / Flipping fire damaged properties is RECESSION proof

Even with advances in fire fighting technology and procedures, average of 30k property fires occur in US every month.

(Depending on location, property types, and market costs) Average property fire can result in 5-6 figure jobs and acquisitions for fire / water restoration experts, real estate professionals, and public adjusters.

It’s a $210 billion dollar industry dominated by those who know, and will give everyone an equal playing field.


How Many Fires Can I Expect to Receive in My Area

If you are looking at this page and are wondering how many units you need to get, please contact us first and let us know what your aged fire leads requirements are, so that our rep can tell you how many units exactly you need.


What Do I Get?

Date/time , location, and text blurb of what was spoken between emergency responders. the text blurb is important because you can get a “sense” for what happened. for example, if they report it multiple times, probably a big fire requiring more fire truck / help.

This excel spreadsheet will be emailed to you based on the criteria you have selected.

If you are looking at this page and are wondering how many units you need to get, please contact us first and let us know what your aged fire leads requirements are, so that our rep can tell you how many units exactly you need.


What Do People Think of

Here’s a clip that we compiled of testimonials from fire / water restoration experts, public adjusters and real estate investors:









FAQ about Aged Leads

1. All sales are final. Once the leads are delivered, there will be no refunds.

2. “Raw” data will have some addresses that are repeated. That’s to show how extensive the fire is (i.e. multiple communication from firemen regarding the property). “Filtered” leads will have unique addresses only, but at different price to reflect accordingly.

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