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Fire Damaged Property Owners Are In need Of Repair And Often Motivated To Sell.

With The Right Information At The Right Time, You Can Be The Solution, Exactly When They Need It


Industry Professionals Purchasing Our List:

  • Contractors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Fire Restoration Companies
  • Fire Damage Adjusters
  • Property Damage Litigation Attorneys
  • Mold Remediation Companies
  • Asbestos Clean Up Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?  

We aggregate structure fire incidents throughout the country, as they are taking place.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get this list emailed to you every day, from your “Filtered” chosen area


What information is included with your Fire List?

Date of Incident, Property Address and Description of Incident


If I’m a subscriber, can I get a refund after 1 or 2 months of usage?

Our subscription service is set with terms & conditions mentioned above


How accurate is your data?

Our data is 93% accurate. Majority of inaccurate information is due to someone giving the wrong address to emergency responders during a fire incident


Can’t I get this info from my local fire department?

Every fire department has their own rules and policies regarding the release of such information. Even if they were willing to, chances are it will be time consuming and cumbersome, so by then, owners would have already met with necessary professionals. By having access to our Fire List, you can reach out much quicker


How do you get this data then?

We utilize a combination of A.I. technology, Machine Learning and Automation to aggregate these incidents


Do you offer skip tracing service?

Unfortunately, we do not


How many leads do you get per month?

Of course, we can’t “guarantee” fires (we’re not arsonists, hehe), but usually past few weeks is indicative of what you can expect going forward. Basic rule: more people in county = more fires. And when people are indoors, usually more fires (like winter.)

Check the fire stats page.




What is the cost? 

Please view the data subscription selection page to see the current pricing


What is your coverage area?

We have nationwide coverage with approximate 78%-83% of the fires. 

You can see the # of structure fire incidents by state, county or both from the Fire Stats page.


What type of properties are on the list?

Residential, Mixed-Use and Commercial properties


How’s the competition for these properties?

Although some contractors/investors do get leads from networking, it’s not a systematic way of targeting specifically for fire damaged properties, and most shy away from these types of properties, due to the level of complexity


I’m a contractor; What’s the best way to approach the homeowner?

Damage caused by fire is obviously the renovation most people see taking place. However, restoring & rehabbing a fire damaged property has many layers, which includes having the skills to resolve any issues that go along with a fire incident (i.e. soot, smoke, water, mold prevention/remediation), or has the resources to do so. Hence, specialized knowledge to provide value to property owners is paramount


I’m a realtor/investor; What’s the best way to approach the homeowner?

Properties affected by fire damage will need to be sold to a cash buyer, since bank’s will not approve financing. If you’re a realtor, you can get the listing and have one of your cash buyers make the purchase. If you’re an investor, it’s a great way to acquire properties from motivated sellers


Do you have a call script?

There is no universal “template” for everyone, as each individuals’ styles, needs, wants, and sales experiences are all different.

Here’s a video of actual live sales calls that shows you how you can think about approaching the homeowners.



Why is it so much harder to work commercial prospects?

Properties owned by companies will have multiple departments, where you will likely have to go through layers of contacts before you reach the decision maker


How do I know these leads are good?

If you’re interested and are wondering about quality, you’re more than welcome to ask for 2 previous weeks worth of data to see if indeed there were actual fires.

How fresh are these leads?

We compile information on structure fire incidents almost real time, and send it to you every day via automatic email notification.


If these leads are so good, wouldn’t your company benefit from using this data yourselves?

Keep in mind, there are over 350,000 structure fires every year nationwide.

With our know-how we can serve more families by expanding our operations to cover the entire nation, rather than just rehabbing properties locally

Fire Damaged Multifamily

Fire Damaged Semi Detached Property

Fire Damaged 2 Family

Fire Damaged Attached Property

Sample Phone Calls with Homeowners

Fire Renovation Call 1

Fire Renovation Call 2

Motivated Seller 1

Motivated Seller 2

Coming Soon: Aged Fire Damaged Properties Data

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